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Proposal for the reform of the Central Market of Zaragoza, seeking its regeneration.

The project idea revolves around:

– Iron Architecture
– Paxton – Landscaper (inspired by a greenhouse)
– Market Needs
– Plato. Félix Navarro Pérez had assumed the seven simultaneous conditions of Plato for beauty: “unity, order, harmony, proportion, moderation, rhythm and symmetry.”

The idea was developed based on the above given concepts and comes together in “do more with less” while seeking inclusion of vegetation so the origin of iron architecture as the strong presence of plant symbolism of the building.

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It is proposed to intervene in the distribution of posts, generating a symmetrical distribution of two rows on each side and a central information post.

Stalls are posed as black boxes, which do not attract the attention of not being open. These are exempt modules totally independent of each other, with a closure divided into three parts, which will contain the name and number of the position. When closed the graphics will remain in the lower segment and the opposite being open in the upper. Stalls are grouped by guilds, using a larger lettering.

In the center of the central corridor, which has a larger space, it is proposed to create a seating area, so that the customer can rest, or use it as a space for snack. The inclusion of vertical elements of several heights dynamizes the space at the same time that it is not too intrusive.

This same concept is carried out, the exterior floor is raised to reach the height of the interior and work with the same elements. By means of the repetition a green space is generated in which one can remain, for its greater use throughout the year a closing is generated.

Current glass are replaced by transparent glasses with low emissive treatment to a face, and intended to generate a stronger connection between the interior and the surrounding market. Also, looking for this relationship it is proposed the replacement of the metallic base in the façade that gives the Plaza Lanuza. So that outer space is fully discussed before related, so in front of the posts dedicated to hostelry an opening is created to facilitate the entry and exit of customers.