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Hotel inspired by the figure of Gertrud Louise Goldschmidt (1912-1994), better known as “Gego” . Gego was one of the most important artists in Latin America. Of origin jewish, was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1912.

Characteristics of the work of Gego that are reflected in the project:

– Use the line as an object.

– Play with space as an active element.

– Draw by using light.

– Relationship between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional, between the line and the space.

– The transparency of their structures plays a fundamental role.

– Their geometric abstractions, defined by the network, lack mathematical accuracy, explore organic forms.

– Repetition, using this resource evokes, likewise, processes of nature.

Specifically, it has been chosen to inspire on a specific work stage Gego: Las Reticuláreas (1969-1982).

The Reticulárea is an atmosphere created from the assembly of modular parts, mostly made of triangular base, made of stainless steel and aluminum wire. Its first series was created in 1969. The aluminum and steel pieces came together to create a web of networks that organize and give movement to space while defining and framing the void. Its use of repetition and overlap in the massive structure makes it appear that the piece has no end. Gego denominates Reticulárea to all the individual works created from the concept of mesh or net, have been constructed with triangular or square modules. The triangular Reticulareas can grow in multiple directions while the quadrangular ones grow in a horizontal or vertical direction.

Plans only available on computers and tablets

It has decided to work in ways that generate empty spaces to help the rear content and highlight it. They could be framed within a minimalist style. All plants have worked with a sense of unity, using the same material floors and ceilings and walls color. General illumination repeated in ground floor and first floor.

At lobby it has generated a double-height space, where Reticuláreas of Gego are housed. In the cafeteria on the ground floor we find the reference to the author, both in the furniture and in the staircase designed for that space.

On the mezzanine floor, the lounges, are made using a continuous bench inspired by the geometry and the works of Gego. Also, in the restaurant, following the character of the cafe previously described, furniture inspired by Gego and a new flight of stairs, framing the space, adds character and dynamism.

Finally, on the first floor, the space has been worked in a uniform way, seeking the versatility and modification according to the needs of the moment. This has been achieved through the design of specific furniture and the inclusion of large glass doors. General lighting with geometric shapes brings us to the reception. It has also been emphasized the importance of this plant by finishing the soil, using a higher color (also as a reference to the last stage of Gego in which it experimented with color).