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Proposal for a store of the Garmin brand. Specializing in its range of Fitness and Outdoor products.

It has been decided to work on the concept of navigation, route, that has been the central idea of the project, therefore, has generated a large ramp that runs through the entire space.

The ramp generates different angles 120º, 90º, 60º in relation to the difficulty of ascent, from greater to less opening, with that, a first triangular plant is generated, as reminiscent of the Garmin logo. Space has worked as a container space of said ramp.

It has also generated a triangular counter, with the company logo, respecting corporate colors. Also, on the ground floor there is arranged a small seating area.

During the ascent, the Garmin products are known (along the whole ramp, exhibitors are integrated), and on the first floor we are awaiting furniture inspired by a forest, as well as a starry sky. It is a second seating area, where to know more deeply the product or where to share the motivation for the sport.

Outside, an outdoor gymnasium is designed, in which the Garmin isotype is integrated. Generating a space that can be enjoyed by all passersby and serving as a claim to know Garmin products.

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The idea was to capture the essence of Garmin. Garmin is dedicated to the navigation, therefore, it was proposed to make a tour.

At the same time, it wanted to reflect different values of the brand: trust, innovation and dynamism.

The project idea revolves around fitness and outdoor training. Assimilating the first to the external intervention and the second to the interior.

Outside, there is an outdoor gymnasium. Available to all passers-by, it serves as a claim and draws the attention of the walkers. (It is proposed to be screwed to the floor by means of plates, in order that it is eliminated when it is considered convenient without damaging any element)

In the interior is made a simile to a mountain, this path of ascent, is the ramp. During the trip, you can see exposed brand products (symbolized by the blue dots). Garmin products accompany you and help you on your journey.