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Project realized with Andrea Remis Primo for the III Edición de los Premios de Interiorismo ACOMZA 2016. The project is developed in a given apartment by ACOMZA. Such apartment is located in the residential San Lazaro (Zaragoza), currently under construction, which stands out for its location in the historic center and close to the most typical leisure area of the city and its views of the Pilar.

The project was awarded a Special Jury Mention.

The proposal is defined by the creation of areas that are far from the conventional, a formal living room is created with a custom designed wine bar for this particular space, kthe kitchen moves into the central space of the living area of housing and informal lounge area is generated,  an ideal place for cinephiles, for book addicts or for the little ones in the house.

On the other hand emphasize the use of ecological materials in this intervention. It is proposed that the elements of own design are made with panels from waste culture sorghum, wheat and coconut, these being quite resistant and durable materials. Similarly, other ecological material is proposed to generate the distributor, a substitute the precast concrete, consisting of a mixture of hemp, lime and water, constituting a material of low density for air circulation and moisture.